English Dictionary for Blackberry 4.0

Developer: BEIKS

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It is always good to have a reliable dictionary within reach.

While reading, writing or simply communicating, we come across new or forgotten words and expressions all the time.
Was it harrass or harass? Recieve or receive? Priviledge or privilege? And what exactly does unabridged mean?

The Beiks English Dictionary is a compact and handy helper to the hungry and always improving minds.
Hundreds of thousands mobile users across all major mobile platforms are enjoying it since 1999 and now that it is available for RIM’s BlackBerry so can you!



  • Wide range of colloquial American English vocabulary
  • Rich, detailed word definitions; multiple meanings
  • Simple and convenient program interface
  • Offline dictionary database – always in coverage and no data transfer charges
  • High dictionary compression ratio, allowing more than 5 MB of data to fit in under 2 MB device memory!
  • Easy installation
  • Two alternate installation packages (choose based on the device’s available memory):
    • Standard – 17,000 words / 1.1 MB
    • Gold – 34,000 words / 2.2 MB