StreetRacer 1.7

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StreetRacer¬†–¬†Race your way against law enforcement units on the american roads!

Welcome to StreetRacer!

Hi,my name is Jim Galloway and I steal cars for a living. My uncle, Sam Galoway sells them through his network of garages all over the country. So I travel across USA to deliver the cars he orders to me. Come with me in a journey from Los Angeles via Arizona Desert and to New York!

Try to avoid those nasty police cars, ambulances and fire engines or we will get busted.
Finish the current level to unlock the next one.
Not just another racing game:

Immersive graphics:

StreetRacer makes full use of the new coloured screen devices by displaying vivid images.

Easy controls:

StreetRacer control system closely follows the RIM’s recomandations: A to move left, D to move right, U to move up and J to move down. The game can be paused at any moment by pressing SPACE.

Incredible hours of fun:

3 levels, 3 difficulty levels and different to choose from. Difficulty settings are saved in the memory of the mobile device.

On each game level you will be asked to drive a different stolen vehicle including a big truck.

Law enforcement units will be after you: at first police cars, then ambulances and in the last level even fire engines will start looking for you.
The immersive gameplay will make you try StreetRacer hour after hour.

Built with the user in mind:

Try to beat your Highscore. You are able to reset it at any time.

The game can be paused and then resumed, for example when receiving a call.

Use the ribbon to navigate the menus.

Help for playing StreetRacer is available in the application.

The game comes with a step-by-step installation guide.

Also supports the newest devices like 7100t,7100v,7100r,7290,7520

Try the demo right now!

The demo version features the first level of StreetRacer(the shortest).