White Ninja (BlackBerry) 1.9

berry-gamesDeveloper: Berry Games

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You will be ADDICTED to this all star arcade game! Control the white ninja and collect all the gems and rubies to advance to the next level! Pick up a ruby and it’s your turn to chase the bad ninjas! There are ten different levels but can you make it all the way to the golden palace? You will be amazed at how fast this game runs on the BlackBerry device!

Score big, progressive points by eating all the ninjas! First bad ninja is worth 200 points, the next is 400, the third is 800 and the last is a whopping 1,600 points! You collect an extra spirit life every 10,000 points. Have fun and watch out for the bonus items!

Game Features:


    • Super smooth graphics and animation.


    • Challenging heuristic based game intelligence.


    • Increasing difficulty with each level.


    • Includes 10 levels with 5 different scenes.


    • Saves the best five scores including rank, player, score, level and time.


    • Ability to pause and resume.


  • Tested and certified against ALL 7xxx devices.